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It can be very easy to slip into uncontrollable debt, with families most at risk. A recent study by Shelter, and reported in The Guardian states,

“More than one in three families in England are only ONE monthly pay packet away from losing their homes, highlighting how many households have almost no savings. The housing charity found that 37% of working families would be unable to cover their housing costs for more than a month if one partner lost their job”.

As the financial uncertainty of the previous few years, coupled with the financial uncertainty of future years (specifically with BREXIT in mind), people and businesses are facing financially challenging times.

When consumers start receiving letters from lenders and creditors demanding payment, many people bury their heads in the sand thinking that no one can help them.

This is not the case and is why Joe Constant created this website which offers assistance and help. If you have fallen behind on your mortgage repayments and have no way of paying off the arrears, South West Repossessions will endeavour to help you avoid repossession and/or eviction.

Repossession facts

The most important thing to remember is regardless of the secured asset (residential, commercial, land, car, bike, truck, boat or even art), if you have an asset which you have used as security, and you have fallen behind on payments to your creditors, South West Repossessions will endeavour to help you avoid repossession and/or eviction.
Remember, we are here for you. Our owner Joe Constant was once homeless. He more than most people understands the consequences that homelessness can inflict on families and individuals, and that is one of the reasons we are here today.

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