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About Us

We’re here because we care.
From someone who has experienced first-hand the trauma of having everything taken away in an instant, I know how difficult it may seem for you now.

You may believe that there is no possible solution other than what you are being told by your current lenders. You could be feeling like you are in the centre of the storm, with little or no hope of surviving.

Well, I am here to tell you that you can and will survive and get out of this storm into calmer surroundings and into a place of hope for the future for you and your family.

I was very young when on one sunny day, our family home was visited by the bailiffs. They arrived with clip boards in hand and an empty truck that, after only what was a few minutes but felt like an eternity, left with all our possessions, even the couple of toys owned by my two sisters and I. All they left was one bed, which had to be shared by myself, my two sisters and elder brother for many months, whilst my mum and dad slept on the floor.

It is from this experience that I decided now was the time to set up South West Repossessions. We offer guidance and possible solutions to prevent more families having to experience what my family went through, including dealing with the longer-term impact as my parents were not able to get any kind of credit, leaving them with very little means of being able to start over.

South West Repossessions are on your side. We will walk alongside you every step of the way with our focus being to seek the best possible outcome for all concerned. We will help prevent possible bankruptcy which can lead to being unable to obtain any line of credit on goods and services or good references in order to get a new home if required.

We work with some of the best people in the business who bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience to help families like yours. We will work for you, providing advice and offering possible solutions. Although it is always sensible to get any advice checked for added reassurance if required.

Professionalism with Discretion

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