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It can be very easy to slip into uncontrollable debt. More than one in three families in England are only ONE monthly pay packet away from losing their homes. People and businesses are facing financially challenging times. South West Repossessions will endeavour to help you avoid repossession or eviction.

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Understanding Credit

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One option we offer is to buy your home from your lender before they repossess it. This means you avoid having a repossession order show in your credit report. You might still be able to live in your home, paying either us or one of our partners rent.

About Us

We are here because we care. From someone who has experienced first-hand the trauma of having…

Legal Process

There are 7 stages of repossession. We can help you understand the legal implications…

Understanding Credit

It is important to note that obtaining credit is normally unavoidable during life. Examples of…


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Our initial consultation is FREE. If we go on to purchase your house from your lender, this is also FREE. This website is designed to guide you through the process of property repossession, and offer tips on how to avoid it. Feel free to contact us at any time for confidential advice.

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